Daan Utsav Booths

We all have the desire to do something to give back to the society and sometimes all that is missing is an opportunity; that is where Daan Utsav booths could play a role.

To create a #DaanUtsav Booth, all you need is:

  • Table and chairs
  • A banner with the #DaanUtsav logo, along with the logo of the organisation you support. It could also be a good idea to list the items being collected on the banner.
  • Volunteers who are forthcoming and can interact with the public. These booths would be located in residential societies, parks, colleges, schools, corporates etc.
  • For any other public place, you could also seek permission from the local authorities to use a megaphone to make announcements at sporadic intervals. You could also print out leaflets and distribute them to people around the area. In 2015, a group of young volunteers in Mumbai set up and ran a booth outside an apartment for 2 hours and collected 15 bags of materials (clothes, utensils, toys and newspapers) to support a local organisation. Watch this video to know how they pulled this off, and inspired several other to set up booths!

How do #DaanUtsav Booths Help:

  • You can spread awareness about Daan Utsav with the help of posters, flyers and joy cards
  • You could organise a collection drive for an NGO you support.
  • Organising engaging activities every 1-2 hours would help in involving people
  • Another idea would be to use #HappyDots and create a ‘selfie booth’

Ideas of activities that you could conduct at the booth:

  • Sandwich making: Sandwich-making is an activity that can be very easily conducted at a #DaanUtsav Booth. Within just an hour, 20 people could make about 100 sandwiches. An idea could be to collect a small fee of 50 Rs from each participant. Click here to know more about sandwich making aka seva sandwich.
  • In-kind and cash collections: You could encourage people to collect their old items and donate it at your #DaanUtsav Booth. Remember to be forthcoming, and interact with people who pass by your booth, to ensure more and more people know about the festival. It would also encourage them to celebrate #DaanUtsav in their own way.
  • Storytelling Sessions: An interesting idea would be to convert #DaanUtsav booth into a story telling hub. You could invite children from an orphanage and hold a story telling session for them. You may also end the session with distribution of sandwiches and sweets to the children.
  • Happy Dot Selfie Booths: For every act of giving that happens every year for #DaanUtsav, there is a cool way of telling your friends and family about it, and inspiring them to do one of their own. Sport a #HappyDot selfie and post it on social media. To know more about #HappyDots, click here. Using the #HappyDot idea, you could create a ‘selfie booth’ and engage people to take selfies for a cause. You could have funky props, and have a backdrop with the #DaanUtsav logo and a message about the festival. People who walk up to the booth could use the props for a nominal charge (which will then go to your chosen cause) and take selfies against the backdrop.