The Rice Bucket Challenge

With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge being the obvious inspiration, the #RiceBucketChallenge is a beautiful way to help the poor and show that you care. Between 2nd and 8th of October, you can get several others to experience the joy in giving, and one way to do it is by donating a handful of rice (or any other grain) every day of the week. The challenge can be taken up by colleges, corporates, resident welfare associations, and can even be conducted in public places like restaurants, malls, parks, railway stations etc.

In 2014, Big Basket together with Delhi Public School Whitefield, announced holiday for school children. Each student was given a bag with instructions to fill it with a fistful of rice each day before having their meal. Once the rice was collected, it was matched by Big Basket online shoppers as well as Big Basket employees. Watch this inspirational video to know more about the challenge. Over 6,500 kgs of rice was collected in a week from 3,000 school children, online shoppers and Big Basket staff. This was distributed to 8 NGOs across Bengaluru. The overall response was phenomenal!

How to organise the Rice Bucket activity?

  1. Place a collection box at a vantage point. Publicise the event on social media and through personal messages.
  2. Get people to donate packets of rice (or fistfuls of rice) and ask them to click a selfie while they do it. The givers could then share the pictures on social media, and could also wear the #HappyDot in the selfie.
  3. While posting the selfie, make sure to tag the person who nominated you to take the challenge, and people who you would like to further nominate.
  4. You could also collect other dry ration and food grains through this activity! At the end of the #DaanUtsav week, the rice and other ration collected through this challenge should be donated to the needy. You can decide where to donate the collected material.

How does the Rice Bucket Challenge help?

  • Helps in the collection of a large variety of provisions for the needy
  • Gives a sense of responsibility and satisfaction through doing an act of giving