Beach Cleanathon

Beach Cleanathon

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Date(s) - 02/10/2017
7:30 am - 10:30 am
Phone No - +912224937676
Owner Name - Ajay Govale
Chimbai Beach, Bandra Mumbai Maharashtra 400050 India
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Chimbai Beach in Bandra (the stretch of beach starting from Joggers’ Park) is currently in an unkempt condition and is in urgent need of cleaning. The problem here is that, since the beach is located in a low lying area, a lot of floating garbage comes to the sea-shore with the tidal water and settles on the shore. Further, the nearby Chimbai village, accommodates over 1,000 households, with a majority of them belonging to the fisher folk community. The locals dispose their litter on the sea-shore everyday, causing the accumulation of garbage all over the stretch of a 1 Km of beach.

United Way Mumbai, in partnership with NDTV will be conducting a Cleanathon of Chimbai Beach on 2nd October, as part of Daan Utsav, as well as Swachh Bharat celebrations. The Cleanathon will be mainly a volunteering event, where employees from various corporates will participate in cleaning the beach, complementing the efforts of the local municipal officials. Through the event, United Way Mumbai will also be providing 15 wheeled bins at the end of each of the 15 by-lanes that are accessed by the community members to approach the beach. This will help in discouraging the residents from disposing the garbage on the beach and use the dustbins, instead.