“Chalo Khusiyan Baatein”

“Chalo Khusiyan Baatein”

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Date(s) - 02/10/2019 - 03/10/2019
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Phone No - 9830992637
Owner Name - Rani Bhowani
23/5 Pranabananda Road, Garia Kolkata West Bengal 700084 India

“Chalo Khusiyan Baatein”
It’s a great pleasure for us to share our ideas, activities, achievement and the impact of “Treasures of Innocence” (Registration No.S/2L/26786 2014-2015) on the thousands of children we have come across. The children who come from families in difficult circumstances, broken homes, hearts and minds are those ‘candles’ we strive to ‘ignite’. These children have seen the worst. Food has, many a times, not been enough. Love has been scarce, shelter has been under a tarpaulin sheet or a bridge or a slum. Exploitation something to fear everyday and child labour a way of life. Treasures of Innocence prepares a curriculum based on creativity that excites the children to learn. Also in the process , our organisation, tries to hone critical thinking skills, helping to develop an independent thought process thereby, bringing out potential in these first generation learners overcoming difficulty and hesitation linked to conventional education. We works at the grass root level with these underprivileged children, that they may hope, that they may get a shot at life, albeit not equal to the more fortunate contemporaries.
It is this ever burning hope that our organisation can get them better opportunities, education, learning and exposure and hence help them to break away from the stigma of the downtrodden and get a fair chance at respectable life. We also feel that in order to keep our children safe and happy, we need constant support of our community and it’s well wishers. This year for Daan Utsav the topic is Save Water, our theme is “ Water Bachao, Desh ko age barao.” We would like to bring awareness for saving water and thank our bank officials, post office and local government schools. These service providers work relentlessly to make the children’s life easier in their own way. We really appreciate it. We would also like to thank the parents and caregivers for doing their best to take care of the children and make them responsible citizens of our country. It is the small gesture with big heart from our children to show appreciation and educate all about water conservation. We are confident that it will be appreciated by all. All of our children deserve a chance to be happy and healthy. So we will celebrate Daan Utsav on the 2nd & 3rd of October 2019 with all. We will have esteemed speakers who will interact with our children regarding rights and responsibilities, specially on saving water, but in a child friendly manner. We will also have meditation sessions as well as dance therapy, as well as creative endeavours. We will also feast with all. The celebrations in these two days will be joyous and fun. “Chalo Khusiyan Baatein”