Create Worksheets and Fundraising

Create Worksheets and Fundraising

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Date(s) - 01/10/2023 - 08/10/2023
12:00 am
Phone No - 7093174666
Owner Name - Anupama Muhuri

Spend your time crafting worksheets that make learning easy, fun, and informative, tailored
for primary school children. These worksheets will become valuable additions to CRY’s
Learning Material Bank, reaching children across the nation.
– The worksheets can be for any subject like Math, EVS, Drawing, Language, GK, etc.
– The sheets can be prepared in either/both Hindi or English.
– You are inviting you to prepare 1-2 worksheets.
– Submit the worksheets in PDF format
– Take care to give the submitted worksheets a few essential markers like:
 Grade it is suitable for
 The subject/theme the activity sheet focuses on.
 Adequate space for the child to write his/her name and grade.
– Please ensure that the activity sheets have simple language as these sheets would be used
by children who might not have exposure to creative learning.
– Provide a clear set of instructions for the children on how you want them to fill out the
Activity 2: Join the Hero in YOU Campaign
Become a hero for children with a small gesture. Participate in our micro-giving/donation
drive. Additionally, inspire 20 more individuals to contribute. Each participant will receive a
personal thank-you note from CRY for their involvement.
Consider this: the seemingly modest amounts of Rs 10, Rs 50, or Rs 100 can create a profound
impact on a child’s education journey. Your contribution can be the key that unlocks a brighter
future for them.
 To understand how it works and what we are inviting you to giving a strength to,
read the FAQ here: https://tinyurl.com/bdfdrkwa
 Access the posters that you can use in your communication: https://tinyurl.com/yrbhjeaz
 Here’s a sample whatsapp message you can personalise to reach out to your network:
Here are the rules that will guide us on this exciting journey:
[1] Start with Yourself!
Lead by example! Be the first to contribute to this noble cause and inspire others to follow suit. Your
dedication will set the tone for this entire initiative.
[2] Bring at least 20 More Donors
Your network is your strength. Rally your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to join this
meaningful campaign. The more, the merrier, and the greater the difference we can make together!
[3] Special Shout-Out Certificates
For those who go above and beyond – anyone who manages to bring in 50 or more donors will be
recognized with a special shout-out certificate as a token of our appreciation.
[4] Rocking Idea of the Campaign Award
Do you have an innovative idea that could take this campaign to new heights? Share it with us at
Anupama.muhuri@crymail.org , and if it goes beyond our wildest imaginations and yields fantastic
results, you could be the recipient of our “Rocking Idea of the Campaign” award!
[5] Submit Evidence of Your Effort and Outcome
We’re all about transparency and accountability. At the end of this stint, please fill out this form to
submit evidence of your efforts and the outcomes achieved through your hard workhttps://forms.gle/xvxeWqc64ebMLwA49
[4] Where do you submit?
Here’s your one stop to submit details on the two assignments detailed above:
Last date to submit: October 10, 2023
[5] Important dates
Volunteering tenure: September – October 8, 2023
CRY’s submissions evaluation phase: till Oct 25, 2023
Issuing of certificates to successful candidates: by October end, 2023