Different ways of saying thank you

Different ways of saying thank you

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Date(s) - 01/10/2022 - 08/10/2022
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Till now you wanted to thank others by doing something for them but you have always got stuck- What to do & What not to do.

Don’t worry I’m here to help you, let’s bring a smile to other’s faces by doing small acts, here is what you all can do:

You can write thank you letters to the security guards, policemen, traffic police, and Military personnel & give them
You can have tea, coffee, shake, juice, etc with your household helper- Maid & ask about their life.
Sponsor a movie ticket for someone who can’t afford
Feed a stray animal or bird on the street
Have a party with children of domestic helpers in your societies
Smile & greet 5 people in a day you don’t know
Ration distribution to the needy ones
Give a gift to the sweeper of your society
Talk to a homeless person, gift them a meal or a pair of chappals
Make a pot of tea or a cup of chai & serve it to night watchmen
Make paper bags using old newspaper & give them to the store person
Donate blankets to the persons staying on the streets
Donate your books to the children who need
LOCATION-Wherever you are

TIME-Whenever you can

The trick is to inspire others also, so what you will have to do is:

Pick any activity, it could be multiple activities too
Inspire others
Share your photos( of doing these acts) or Share your story with us
We will be posting all your stories & pictures on our social media
You can also tag us by using these tags #ivolunteerindia #daanutsav2022
You will have to send me your video, your story & your pictures of doing these small acts at this email id: pune@ivolunteer.org.in

Looking forward to all the pictures