Promote Women Led Group Enterprises

Promote Women Led Group Enterprises

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Date(s) - 02/10/2021 - 08/10/2021
1:00 pm - 12:00 am
Phone No - 7045705805
Owner Name - Suman Kumar

Holistic support to 2 Women led FPOs for Commencing and nurturing rural Enterprises with the objective of marketing quality products to women farmers at reasonable cost and bending farm to fork model!

During last few years the team has witnessed that income success has come through well managed Women’s Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) created by Self Help Group members along with other women farmers. In drought ridden areas in Maharashtra, farming families have struggled to make ends meet. Demographic dividend and deprivation of resources played a crucial role in limiting the incomes of women farmers in the region. With one of the highest farmer suicide rates in the state, Krushi Vikas Promoted women led FPOs with the aim of copping with the root causes of the issue. In the quest of minimizing shocks from catastrophic events, Krushi Vikas strengthened resilience strategies among the SHGs groups and thereby promoted small scale enterprises. The main advantage of FPO to women farmers is larger market linkages and production on a large scale, rather than individual efforts through a SHG with scarce return. Through group based approach enterprises like masala making units, Agro processing units, poultry feed, dairy feed and agri equipment has seen the reasonable growth which is limited to the local market so far. Moreover, through FPO, Agri-products and equipment’s are purchased at a less-than market rate and sold to women farmers, who have seen their reduction in production cost and rise in income. These FPOs need Financial Support to strengthen their operation and expand their reach to the more and more farmers! While the government promotes and encourages FPOs, no schemes or financial benefits for women led FPOs have been enlisted by the development authorities, therefore, this movement is promoted to sustain and scale up the women enterprises to reduce distress among women farmer communities and strengthen their livelihood. Your contribution will help KVGPS to provide Revolving Fund to these women led FPOs as well as 360 degree support via following components:

1) Capacity Building

2) Market Linkages

3) Business Development

4) Ensuring Compliances

5) Strengthening livelihood