Ready. Steady. Shop!

Ready. Steady. Shop!

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Date(s) - 02/10/2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone No - 7728991707
Owner Name - Social Endeavor Group, T. A. Pai Management Institute
Tiger circle, Manipal Manipal Karnataka 576104 India

We are the Social Endeavor Group (SEG) of TAPMI. SEG at TAPMI strongly believes in the philosophy of, “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”

In order to inculcate money management skills in students, team SEG in collaboration with VSO, MAHE, is planning to conduct a personality development fair Ready Steady Shop! in Manipal on 2nd of October 2019, as part of Daan Utsav. The details of the same are as follows:
Date: 2nd of October
Location: MIT Quadrangle
No. of students: 350
Target Audience: Students of 6th to 8th standard (Government Schools in and around Manipal).
Event Description –
(a) Students will be able to apply concepts of money management and decision making in a simulated market fair.
(b) Students will be able to develop skills of assertiveness, handling peer pressure and buying, that will help them be mindful consumers of tomorrow.

Session-1 (Workshop) -Students will be divided in a group of 10 each
1. Decision making activity
2. Money Management- Role play by Volunteers/Video
3. Follow Instructions Carefully
4. Rules of the game and Distribution of the money.
Session -2 (Market Simulation)
1. Students will be given 1500 rupees of different denominations and an “Expense Card” in the beginning.
2. They will be shown the category of items available at the market. They will have to make a list of the things they need to buy before they enter the market behind the expense card.
3. They will be told that there could be more items after the market sale which they could save for. The ice cream vendor and some special gifts will be given to the students who save a part of their money.
4. They will be given 1 hour in the market to shop. There will be volunteers at the market to clear any doubts they will have regarding purchase, quality of items, calculations of cost etc.
5. There will be a volunteer at every store who will be writing the purchase made by the student in the expense card. Students who are confident to do it themselves will be doing that as well and getting a signature from the volunteer after the sale.
6. The market will have a donation kiosk wherein students can also donate part of their “money” for any causes they believe in. This will also be noted in their expense card.
Session-3 (Reflection)
1. Survey
a. Match the things I wrote behind my score card with the things I ended up buying.
b. How much money did I spend?
c. How much money did I save?
d. How much money did I give?

2. Group Discussion (Will be divided into groups of 5 each with a facilitator)
Leading questions with regards to good money management skills.
a. What did you need the most from the market? What did you end up buying? Why? (refer to the survey)
b. What are you most happy about out of the items you bought? Why?
c. What purchase are you not so happy about? Why?
d. What did you want to buy but couldn’t?
e. Did you save? Why/Why not?
f. Did you buy anything for someone else?
g. Did you give money for a cause? Why?
h. What did you learn from this activity?
i. Did you have fun?

3. Students who saved up will have a go at the market one more time which will include the ice cream vendor.

4. Appreciation certificates –
a. The most giving student
b. Student who spend most proportionately
c. Student who stuck to what they needed
d. Student who saved the most

Session 4 – Distribution of refreshments.