Rural Girl’s Education

Rural Girl’s Education

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Date(s) - 02/10/2020 - 08/10/2020
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Phone No - 8291136540
Owner Name - empowHER India

ABOUT empowHER India:
With 27 years of grassroots-level philanthropic work done at Panvel taluka, empowHER India (registered as SKS Chakshu Foundation) believes in empowering women to create an equitable society. The first step was to educate girls and boys in a safe, secure, and inclusive environment to extinguish gender discrimination and the patriarchal mindset by working closely with the rural community. The next step was to provide women with opportunities to be self-reliant and economically independent to have greater security and provide a brighter future for their families. This process slowly brought our flagship programs to life with an expansion in Karjat taluka. We run various programs like the education Program, Let’s build toilets, Clean Drinking Water, and the Adolescent girls program.


Shivkar is a small village in Panvel with a population of 2464 nearly 40 kilometers away from Mumbai city. The children from this village belong to low-income families and their parents do not necessarily understand the importance of education and are unable to support school fees. empowHER India’s effort to set up Rakesh Jain Secondary high school in the year 2000 brought fruits as many students look forward to completing their secondary education. They no longer need to travel long distances for education to Panvel city as this school is close to their homes. Additionally, they get access to facilities and extracurricular activities which are not found in other schools in the area, at no cost at all. empowHER India strives hard to bring free quality education to the girl child at their doorstep with an emphasis on gender equality which is why we have a 50:50 ratio of girls and boys. Rakesh Jain Secondary High School in Panvel is considered as one of the best all-round government schools in the area with the best SSC examination pass percentage. Increasing numbers of girls enroll in the IBT program (Introduction to Basic Technology) vocational training course now known as the Multi-Skill Foundation Course (MSFC). It is a hands-on multi-skill foundation course that includes subjects like welding, electric works, animal husbandry, and agriculture techniques. After the completion of the course at the SSC level, the girls have a better opportunity to join the full-fledged polytechnic or ITI course which gives them an edge over other students. This encourages them to pursue higher education. We also have an English learning program and a digital learning system to help girls become tech-savvy. Support us to continue uplifting the lives of rural girls to make learning accessible, fun, and reachable to them and to help them become empowered young women.