Spreading Warmth in Melghat

Spreading Warmth in Melghat

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Date(s) - 02/10/2020 - 08/10/2020
12:00 am
Phone No - 9561011264
Owner Name - Tunisha Khushroo Poacha
127 , New Colony, Opp Dr Bhargava , Nagpur Maharashtra 440001 India

Tunisha Khushroo Poacha is 7 years old and a resident of Nagpur. Last year during the month of December while she was on her way to school fully covered from head to toe in woolens , she noticed many less privileged children at the traffic signals without any woolens, shivering in the extreme Nagpur Cold. Out of curiosity she asked her father why they were without woolens, least realising that they could not afford it. Her father explained to her how blessed she was and that she should do something for them. Dr Ashish Satav from Melghat who is a family friend, happened to visit her house and was explaining to her father how children in Melghat die due to extreme cold. She later told her father that she would do a drive to collect woolens during the next Daanutsav for the children of Melghat.