When is #DaanUtsav?

#DaanUtsav is celebrated annually from October 2 to 8.

Who can participate in #DaanUtsav?

Everyone! #DaanUtsav is an initiative to celebrate giving, and everyone is encouraged to be involved.

Why should my organisation or I celebrate #DaanUtsav?

#DaanUtsav is an initiative to encourage giving and build ideals of compassion and generosity in everyone. As an organisation, celebrating #DaanUtsav helps build a solid support for your philanthropic activities. For an individual, it increases self-confidence and will also provide a sense of purpose.

How does one participate?

Everyone can celebrate #DaanUtsav the way they want, keeping in mind the larger cause of giving to the less privileged. Individuals do small acts of giving across the country. Corporates organise giving activities with their employees and customers. NGOs arrange awareness or fundraising events whilst housing societies visit or invite orphanages, elderly homes, or throw a party for their help. Schools and colleges meanwhile encourage students to volunteer. Many individuals, including celebrities, also get involved in their own unique ways.

Who owns or organises #DaanUtsav?

#DaanUtsav is a festival and not an NGO or organisation. It belongs to the people, just like Diwali, Christmas, Eid, World Elderly Day, or Mother’s Day. A large number of socially conscious citizens volunteer to encourage more and more people to celebrate this festival.

Who can one support?

Several charitable organisations participate in the week and you could support any of them. You could also simply support any organisation or deserving individuals you know personally. Additonally, #DaanUtsav volunteers can assist you with finding credible organisations, so that you can be sure that your contribution doesn’t get misused.

Why only a week and not throughout the year?

Festivals are celebrated to rededicate ourselves to things that are important throughout the rest of the year as well. While Diwali is celebrated for a day, it reminds us of the triumph of good over evil the whole time. Occasions like Environment Day build focus on important issues that need attention throughout the year. Celebrating a day or a week also allows for collective participation that is not possible all round the year.

What has #DaanUtsav achieved so far?

Every year, several million Indians now celebrate #DaanUtsav across more than 200 towns, villages, and cities, organising over 1,100 events and contributing tens of crores of rupees in cash and kind, and countless volunteer hours.

Where do I get more information if I want?

Watch videos at www.youtube.com/joyofgivingweek. Check out #DaanUtsav’s Facebook and Twitter pages at www.facebook.com/daanutsav and @daanutsav respectively.

How do I get in touch with someone to discuss more ideas for #DaanUtsav?

Reach out to any #DaanUtsav volunteer across India, or write to info@daanutsav.org