Collection Drives

Collection of clothes, grains, shoes and stationery to name a few, for a local NGO, orphanage or an old-age home, is extremely easy to organise. Givers also often like to visit the beneficiaries to bond with them. Some NGOs prefer to set up their own collection booths in the lobby or near the lift area, with their volunteers driving the collection.

Seva Sandwich

A simple idea to get people together to make and distribute sandwiches! People pool in for the ingredients and prepare the sandwiches together. Then they go onto the streets and distribute the sandwiches while interacting with people, hopefully strike an engaging conversation, and return having made a new friend.


We all have people in our lives who make our lives easier- drivers, maids, security guards, etc. Why not take #DaanUtsav as an opportunity to thank them? Give them a paid day off and sponsor a movie or dinner for them with their family. Or take your office peon out for lunch and get to know him better!

Rice Bucket Challenge

Unlike the ice bucket challenge, which requires the participant to dump a bucket of cold water over their head, the rice bucket challenge asks that participants simply donate a bucket of rice to somebody in need. In 2014, lacs of Indians took up the challenge and donated more than a million kilograms of rice.

Food For Your Soul

There are those who cook to feed their body. But for Delhi-based Rahul Nainwal, it was more about feeding his soul. Rahul, the co-founder of initiative of MITRA, a non-for-profit organisation working in the social development sector of India-cooked lunches and dinners and raised Rs. 60,000/- during the Joy of Giving Week.

Feed The Needy

Mishraji, an office assistant in Mumbai, celebrated DaanUtsav by gifting a vada pao to 200 children! He went out to the streets, saw a small group of kids and said “jitne bhi bachhe hain, sabhi ko le ao” (gather all the kids that are around)- little expecting that the count will reach 200. But that didn’t deter him from holding true to his commitment.

Here’s the smile deck- a simple tool that generates different ideas of kindness for you to try! Click on the image below and see the magic!

Given below are a few links to download #DaanUtsav toolkits and design collaterals:
  1. Sachin #HappyDot Poster Designs – Please don’t edit these posters in any way.
  2. #DaanUtsav Social Media Toolkit
  3. #DaanUtsav Logo – Please don’t edit this logo in any way
  4. #DaanUtsav Logo in Various Regional Languages
  5. Joy Cards
  6. #DaanUtsav Stories of Giving
  7. #DaanUtsav Ads- Collection
  8. #DaanUtsav Posters – Collection

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