Honouring Service Providers

Why not take #DaanUtsav as an opportunity to thank the service staff? An fun event with food, games and a felicitation ceremony could be organised for them and their families. Another interesting idea could be to give them a day off, and let the students take over their duties on that day during #DaanUtsav.

Gift Compassion

A simple “exchange programme” between a well-to-do school and a government or low cost private school. Children make gifts with their own hands (not more than Rs10 worth of material), and exchange them with their peers from the other school, while getting to know each other better.

Adult Literacy Camps

Schools can organise adult literacy camps in low-income neighbourhoods. Their students can run sessions such as spoken English, basic arithmetic or storytelling in the area. This is very effective in developing leadership skills and confidence in children, along with propagating the idea of unconditional ‘giving’.

Design For Change

Design for Change (DFC) is a school contest which inspired children from over 10,000 schools to design solutions to India’s problems and implement them during the #DaanUtsav week. DFC has now become a global movement teaching children that their voice and imagination matters.

Euro Kids, Tamil Nadu

Change-makers know no age indeed! In 2015, the tiny tots of Euro Kids in Tamil Nadu took part in an act of giving through Wish Trees set up across schools. And in 2016, Euro Kids children participated in a tricyclathon to flag off DaanUtsav while their parents volunteered and donated materials.

Re 1 A Day Campaign

Students of Akanksha Shindewadi Municipal School, Mumbai carried out this campaign to help kids with hearing disabilities by providing them with hearing aids. They also organised a materials donation drive. These activities instilled in students a sense of responsibility towards the society.

Given below are a few links to download #DaanUtsav toolkits and design collaterals.
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