Here’s a list of resources that you can download and use —

  1. 10th year logo– Please don’t edit this logo in any way
  2. Placeholder posters for your event
  3. Letters for outreach to organisations
  4. General poster for 10th year
  5. #DaanUtsav Logo – Please don’t edit this logo in any way
  6. Facebook cover frames
  7. Fistful of Joy collateral
  8. Posters for digital projection
  9. #DaanUtsav Logo in Various Regional Languages
  10. Joy Cards
  11. #DaanUtsav Stories of Giving
  12. #DaanUtsav Ads- Collection
  13. #DaanUtsav Posters – Collection
  14. Digital & Social Media Toolkit
  15. Ideas for Schools
  16. Ideas for Colleges
  17. Ideas for NGOs
  18. Ideas for Corporates
  19. Ideas for Apartments
  20. Ideas for Government

For more ideas and resources, click here.

Watch interesting DaanUtsav videos here.