Parvo and Distemper room at the S.P.C.A with new protocols.

Parvo and Distemper room at the S.P.C.A with new protocols.

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Date(s) - 02/10/2017 - 08/10/2017
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Phone No - peeduspeople@gmail.com
Owner Name - Peedu's People for Animals
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The S.P.C.A at Chandigarh does not have a special unit for Parvo and distemper puppies. These are lethal disease that puppies contract due to existence of Virus at the shelter. A specific protocol is required to help these puppies survive. This includes. 1) Vaccination of all incoming puppies with 6 in 1 DHPP vaccinations (a protocol not existing at SPCA) 2) Isolating each puppy for a period of 21 days to ensure it doesn’t break with either prove or distemper. 3) Keeping this isolation ward isolated from the rest of the shelter and from flies using Air curtains on the doors and windows. 4) After puppies pass isolation they need to be kept in one room which is clear of these germs and not to intermingle with the rest of the dogs in the shelter. 5) Finally the healthy puppies will be adopted or released with the immunity they need to survive. (they will get Rabies shots at 16 weeks old). The following items are needed. 1) 2 Air curtains. 2) 15 small cages (rs 1500 each) 3) Puppy food pedigree (10 bags) 4) 6 in one DHPP vaccines (total 500 vaccines). 5) Cleaning supplies like mops, rags, bleach (only chemical that kills parvo and distemper), blankets for puppies.