Fundraising Challenges

Fundraising on digital platforms like Ketto, Milaap, amongst others, is fun and engaging in the Internet age. A college could choose a cause, and its students can then create fundraising campaigns. The key is for students to leverage their own network of friends and family to be able to complete the challenge during #DaanUtsav.

#HappyDot Selfie Booths

A very cool idea with a social twist! How about letting NGOs set up these booths in your colleges? You could have NGOs arrange funky props and a fun backdrop. Students could then pay Rs. X to click selfies with these and the #HappyDot on their fingers. The collected sum will go towards helping the NGO’s beneficiaries.

Public Performances

Dance, music and theatre students can take co-curriculars onto the streets during #DaanUtsav and raise awareness for causes they feel strongly about. Flash mobs, musical recitals and street theatre performances are some of the formats they could use. This could also be done at public places such as malls and shopping arcades.

Daan Rath

The Volunteer Service Organisation of Manipal University launched a Daan Rath that went around the campus, making a brief halt at every institute. People donated in cash and kind for the needy. All institutes under the Manipal Group celebrated the festival in their own way. A great way for all universities to engage their students!


JAM Magazine’s College ‘JoyFest’ was another out-of-the-box idea that drew hundreds of colleges towards philanthropy, helping promote awareness and sensitivity at over 500 campuses in India. During the event, a local NGO’s beneficiaries are invited as guests of honor while the students raise funds and perform on stage.

Campus Catalysts

Bhumi, one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profits, has mobilised several college students during #DaanUtsav across the country. Activities such as tree plantations, beach clean-ups and collection drives have been carried out by ‘Campus Catalysts’ under Bhumi’s guidance.

Given below are a few links to download #DaanUtsav toolkits and design collaterals.
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  4. #DaanUtsav Logo – Please don’t edit this logo in any way
  5. #DaanUtsav Logo in Various Regional Languages
  6. Joy Cards
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  8. #DaanUtsav Ads- Collection
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